Helicopter Fire Fighting throughout Ireland

Executive Helicopters is one Of Ireland's most Specialised Firefighting Helicopter Companies

Fire Fighting by Helicopter is done via a Bambi bucket which is a highly effective and efficient way to fight forest and moorland fires which is a highly efficient fire-fighting method.

The bambi bucket is suspended via a cable which has a release valve controlled by the crew, it is a proven system worldwide in over 95 countries. Lightweight, tough and easily stowed, this foam compatible bucket system includes an outward opening dump valve which allows a solid column of water or foam to be placed on targets with absolute precision.

The buckets can be filled from loch's, lakes and ponds. this provides a means to throw more water on the fire than any other system more cost efficiently.

Executive has done extensive work for Caoilte over the yrs firefighting in local forests

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Our pilots are highly experienced professionals and highly respected among their peers for their skill, they  are subject to regular checks to ensure they meet high standards required by the Irish Aviation Authority.  All our helicopters are maintained to the highest standards, they are thoroughly checked before and after every flight.  Every flight is risk assessed for safety and the aircraft equipped to suit the task.





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